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Student Registration

Registration for the 2022-23 school year will begin in mid-February.

Students must be 5 by August 1st to begin Kindergarten.

If you are interested in touring our school or visiting a classroom, please contact the school office at 574-272-9868. 

Registration at Corpus Christi School consists of the following: Complete registration online using the link above.  You will need to create an account if you are new user.

Additional items (per student) are required upon submission of registration forms:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate (if Catholic)
  • Immunization record
  • Two Previous report cards
  • Complete standardized testing history (including ISTEP, Iread, Acuity)
  • Disclosure and copies of any special education services previously received (lEP, ISP)

Copies of documents can be made at the time of registration. Prekindergarten and kindergarten registrations only require the first three documents listed above with registration forms. 

Prospective Student Testing & Placement- Grades 1-8

All prospective students in grades 1-8 are required to submit their last 2 report cards and any previous standardized testing scores (including: ISTEP, IREAD, Acuity) at the time of school registration and be willing to complete academic assessment tests prior to admission to Corpus Christi. Students applying for admission may be tested on language, English proficiency, and math.

Upon review of test data, the principal will make a determination regarding the schools ability to meet the needs of the student tested and notify incoming parents of enrollment and placement decisions. An interview may be required for students and parents new to the school and enrolling in all grades.

Financial Arrangements- Payment Plan & Assistance Applications

Tuition Balance Payment

Tuition balances (including balances above any aid or voucher amounts) may be paid in three ways:

  • Payment in full by August 1st (with a 2% discount for those families without the School Choice Scholarship)
  • Half on August 1st and half on January 1st
  • Through the FACTS Payment Plan system, where payments are spread out in equal monthly payments from August 1st until May 1st

Note: Students will not be placed on a class list and enrollment will not be considered complete until one of the above payment plans is completed.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance in any form (Choice Scholarships (vouchers), SGO Grants, and Parish Assistance) requires a FACTS Grant & Aid application for income verification. This is an online application which has an administration fee of $30 charged by FACTS.

Parish Assistance may be available for those registering before May 1st. Tuition Assistance is not calculated prior to registration. All registration steps must be completed prior to aid determination.

Information on Choice Scholarship (voucher) income and path way eligibility is available at  Voucher amounts vary, depending on household incomes and school districts of residence. Before Corpus Christi can submit a School Choice Voucher application for a student in the state system, additional state documentation must be signed by the parent/legal guardian. Families requesting a Choice Scholarship voucher will be contacted after enrollment acceptance to complete the voucher application requirements. The state voucher application system closes on September 1st. All registration and required state documentation must be completed prior to this date, including arrangement of payment for any balances that might be owed above the voucher amount.

SGO Grants ($500 minimum) are issued by the Diocese for those families who meet income eligibility, but do not qualify for a voucher pathway.

Additional Financial Information:

Student Non-refundable Registration fee: due at the time of registration

School fees: per child are due by July 1st and include: Textbooks & Supplies, PowerSchool, Student Insurance, Technology, Marketing program, School membership dues, Athletic Association and PTUC dues.

Active Parishioner Status is verified each year at the time of registrations. Families are only granted parishioner subsidy towards tuition based on the previous years' participation/contribution to Corpus Christi Parish. Parish subsidy may also be granted to members of a sending parish without a diocesan school.

Notes: Corpus Christi School does not participate in the National School Lunch Program and does not provide transportation. Tuition, fees, and/or Choice Scholarship program do not cover all field trips and other extracurricular events throughout the school year.

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Online Giving

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