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May Crowning 2015
May Crowning 2015

Dear Members and Friends of Corpus Christi Parish:

If you have ever wondered what being "Church" is all about, I would suggest a simple look at what we, as the holy People of God, have just celebrated this past week. We know that different people have varying understandings and definitions of "Church."  Some may point to the organizational structure of this "catholic" or worldwide institution. Others may look to the people who make up the Church, while still others may consider "Church" to be property, buildings, and material goods that have accumulated over the centuries. To a certain degree, all of these ideas of "Church" have an element of truth to them. The Church is all this - and much, much more! While it is true that the Church is people, and structures, and buildings, and hierarchies, and organization - it is also true that it is a living, vibrant reality as the Body of Christ. This is the "definition" of Church that comes to mind as we have journeyed through the ceremonies and celebrations of Holy Week.

Those who may have been present at Saint Matthew Cathedral last Monday evening undoubtedly experienced that vibrant reality as the western half of our Diocese celebrated the annual Chrism (Blessing of Oils)' Mass. The Cathedral was at "standing room only" capacity, as the faithful from many parishes gathered with Bishop Rhoades, about seventy priests, more than sixty diocesan and religious seminarians, as well as a large number of religious men and women. This beautiful and moving Holy Week liturgy captured the essence of all those definitions of "Church" and reminded those present that we are blessed to be part of something far greater than ourselves or even our own individual home parishes. People from all walks of life, all ages, many different languages, cultures, and traditions - all gathered in Jesus' name, as his Body.

Of course, the Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper focused our spiritual attention on the Holy Eucharist -the Real Presence of Christ - his Body and Blood first given to the Apostles at the Last Supper and now given sacramentally to the Church under the' appearance of bread and wine. This liturgy, including the simple but impressive ceremony of the Washing of the Feet of twelve members of our parish, reminds us that we are called to become what we receive- the Body of Christ - and so become the Church.

Good Friday's celebration of the Passion and Death of the Lord, together With the very moving Veneration of the Cross by those present, brings to mind that Jesus came not to be served by others, but to serve, and to give his life for many. Once again, this is a perfect model for the Church. As institution and as individuals, the Church is called to serve the world in a variety of ways and we, as members of the Church, are called by the Gospel to give our lives in 'service to others, just as the Lord Jesus opened his arms in love on the cross and gave his life for our salvation. By our service and the giving of ourselves to others, we are privileged to help continue, in some small way, that act of salvation.

The most central celebration for all Christians is Easter - the Resurrection of the Lord. It is at the empty tomb that we find our hope, our life, and our salvation. It is in the experience of the people of God gathered in prayer and praise to celebrate the living presence of Christ that we find our greatest identity as Christians - as well as our most profound hope for the world, for we believe that "Christ is risen! He is truly risen!" and, in the Resurrection , we are called to a newness of life that helps us to rise above anything and everything here that might hold us back from enjoying that life as God desires.

The events and celebrations of this past week have truly been an experience of "Church" for all of us. We have been reminded of the call to discipleship - which is the call to new life in Christ - and we now move forward to living that new life to the fullest extent possible here and now, for Jesus has told us that the Kingdom is already in our midst. May the peace, the awareness, and the knowledge of that Kingdom and its life be with you and the members of your families and loved ones as you celebrate this great Easter mystery. May we all heed the mission of the Church given by Jesus, as we are called to walk each day in the light of faith and in the light of Our Lord. May each of you know the peace of the Risen Christ for a blessed and happy Easter.

Father Daryl

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We, the Roman Catholic Community of Corpus Christi, are called to be the living Body of Christ, expressed in worship, service, and education. Centered on the Holy Eucharist, exposed in our Chapel daily, we strive to live, to love, to evangelize, and to serve as Jesus did.

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